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4 Ways to Trick Your Man Into Losing Weight

4 Ways to Trick Your Man Into Losing Weight

A great deal of what a man does is determined by what he does, and does not, eat.   Think about it like this, most men watch the game and do what?  They eat.  Hence all of the hoopla around game-day snacks.  Other times men come home from work and what’s the first thing they do?  They look on the fridge and on the stove, if they’re anything like my husband.  So, women can utilize a man’s eating…

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#GoodMama La Tasha Fully Commits to Motherhood

#GoodMama La Tasha Fully Commits to Motherhood

1.  When did you first become a mother and how did you feel? 

I first became a mother at age 32 after 2 years of planning with my husband.  I dreamed of my first son years before we actually conceived him.  So, becoming a mother was a most transformational and affirming experience.  My son Solace was all I dreamed of and more.  I have realigned my life to raise him and his now younger brother…

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#GoodMama Latifa Gives her ALL to Motherhood

#GoodMama Latifa Gives her ALL to Motherhood

Latifa and her son, Naim, 14

1. When did you first become a mom and how did it make you feel?

I first became a mom in 2000, and I felt amazing. I loved holding my son close and cherished looking in his eyes. I loved his toothless smile too! I was devoted to him at all cost and I realized I was now accountable to my legacy.

2. How do your feelings about motherhood differ now?

Fourteen years in I…

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3 Lessons I Learned Gardening with My Son

3 Lessons I Learned Gardening with My Son


Mrs. Muffy Mendoza, founder

By: Muffy Mendoza

As you might already know, I love gardening.  My dad and bonus mama, introduced me to it last year and it’s something I’ve really grown to enjoy tremendously. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s what’s growing in my garden this year.

gardencollageI’m a proud mama.  This year, I’ve grown vegetable, lots of flowers and even put in my first rose bush.…

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Teach Your Kids to Cope with Mistakes By Making Them


Keira Washing, Blogger at

By: Keira Washington

As a mom I love my children. But as a human I make mistakes. There have been many of times when I made simple or big mistakes but realized that it was not the end of the road. As parents, our mistakes can sometimes be blown out of proportion by how we handle them and the negative atmosphere we allow to hover after they are…

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Single Mamas, have you tried Local Online Dating?

sponsored post provided by We all know dating is tough for a single mother. When you have to work all day and then rush to school to pick up the kids things can be a little stressful.

Are Experts Really Experts When It Comes to Black Children?

Are Experts Really Experts When It Comes to Black Children?

I have three African-American sons. All of them are in school.  So it was with great sympathy that I recently listened to two of my good friends talk about troubles they’ve had with their Black sons in school.  Plus, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard stories of that kind.  It’s always the same old, same old.  Black moms (and dads) are told their sons are “intimidating” other students, are…

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Spellman Grad Launches Campaign For Brown Girl Book

Veronica Chapman said she first became aware of the low self-esteem young girls experience when she started a workshop that worked with teen black girls.  

#GoodMama Denise, A Kind Heart in a Crazy Kid World

#GoodMama Denise, A Kind Heart in a Crazy Kid World

Denise is just a really genuine, down-to-earth, sweetheart mama.  She’s one of those people who gives you the feeling of clouds and kittens when you meet her.  Don’t take the former school teacher for a doormat though she can hold her own.  But, there’s something that you have to appreciate about a woman who meets me for lunch 6 weeks after giving birth to her second child (both are currently…

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Just Say NO! 4 Strategies to Teach Your Kid to Embrace the N-Word

Just Say NO! 4 Strategies to Teach Your Kid to Embrace the N-Word

After watching the 20-minute “listen, Linda” conversation between a 3-year-old kid and his mom, I decided to write this.  I know it was comical and judging from his comfort with getting “pow-pows,” his mom might not be having that on a daily basis.  But, it did get me thinking about how hard it is getting through the terrible twos and adventurous threes when all your little one wants to hear is…

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