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What’s Going On in Our Neighborhood? Aug. 19th - Aug. 25th

What’s Going On in Our Neighborhood? Aug. 19th – Aug. 25th

Here’s what’s happening in #urban #Pittsburgh this week.  Enjoy!

Summer Movie “Despicable Me” @ 2 pm

Tuesday, August 19th

Kelly Strayhorn Theater

Growing Together, PPS Back-to-School Event

Friday, August 22nd

Pittsburgh Westinghouse from 2 t0 5 pm

17th Annual…The Shadyside Art Festival on Walnut


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#GoodMama Dia

Dia is the quintessential foot soldier for motherhood.  In addition to being one of the greatest minds I ever met, she has a knack for developing these very interesting, yet common sense style, ways of teaching her kids life strategies.  I’ve known Dia since I was 15, and I looked up to her then and continue to see her as someone who I can learn from and admire now.  One conversation with either…

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3 Cheap Activities for Families with Your ACCESS Card

3 Cheap Activities for Families with Your ACCESS Card

Many moms in Pittsburgh are unaware of the perks that come with at one point in your life having been apart of the population that has owned an ACCESS card. (FYI, an ACCESS card is very similar to a debit card, but is given to families who participate in Food Stamp, Cash or Medical Assistance)  In Pittsburgh in particular, having an ACCESS card comes with the advantage of one’s ability to…

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Make Dinner w/ What’s On Sale

Make Dinner w/ What’s On Sale

Hey mamas!  Here are your sales for this weekend, Aug. 15th-Aug. 17th.  Happy shopping & cooking!  Oh, and remember to check your sales papers below the slide.

[advps-slideshow optset=”6”]

Sales Papers: Giant Eagle Good Cents Bottom Dollar Shop N’ Save Aldi


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Green Beans

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#GoodMama Belle: Loving, Caring & Compassionate

#GoodMama Belle: Loving, Caring & Compassionate

Cousin Belle has been a staple in my life since birth.  She is one of the many women who has nurtured me into womanhood and eventually motherhood.  When I was with child at 19, and anticipating the birth of my first beautiful baby boy, Belle rubbed my belly as often as she could and gave me great words of encouragement and love.  I remember as a little girl myself, Belle’s house was one of those…

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What’s Going on in Our Neighborhood? Aug. 12th - Aug. 18th

What’s Going on in Our Neighborhood? Aug. 12th – Aug. 18th

There is a lot going on in #urban #Pittsburgh and has everything!  Here ya go.

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas’ Dave & Busters Meet-up

Saturday, August 16th @ 1 pm @ Dave & Busters at the Waterfront


Kelly Strayhorn Theater

Aug. 12th – 18th events include Beats-N-Eats & Afronaut: An Exploration in Film


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Need More Girlfriends? 3 Tips to Attract Great Friendships

Need More Girlfriends? 3 Tips to Attract Great Friendships

So, maybe you just had a baby.  Maybe you’ve outgrown some of your friends.  Maybe you just got married, and need to find other couples to relate to.  Regardless of what the reason is, everyone needs good friends.  But depending on your stage in life, and your track record, you may not be sending the right signals.  Her are some characteristics most of us mamas admire in a good friend.

  1. Aspire to…

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#GoodMama Eboni Faces Her Biggest Challenge: Motherhood

#GoodMama Eboni Faces Her Biggest Challenge: Motherhood

1. When did you become a mom and how did you feel?

I became a mother in 1997 at the age 19.  I was quite overwhelmed.  Not long after I discovered I was expecting, I was informed that I was carrying fraternal twin boys.

2. How do your feelings about motherhood differ now?

Now that I’m older, I truly understand the gifts that I’ve been blessed with.  Motherhood is truly one of God’s greatest…

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4 Tips To Keep You & Your Man on the Same Financial Page

4 Tips To Keep You & Your Man on the Same Financial Page

In this economy financial problems are no stranger to anyone.  I don’t think I know any couple who hasn’t gone through their share of financial hiccups since the 2008 recession.  While many of us are getting back on track as far as attaining income, some of us are still being held back by bad financial habits. Some families spend too much money on takeout and others can’t seem to stick to their…

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